1. What is a class action?

    A class action is a legal claim made by a group of seven or more people or companies who are in similar circumstances or experiencing similar issues.

  2. What was the proposed Vodafone Class Action?

    The proposed class action against Vodafone was to seek compensation for people who were customers of Vodafone in 2010 and 2011 who experienced widely known issues with poor network coverage, network failure and poor customer service. Vodafone was warned about its customer service issues, apologised for the frustration of its customers and spent over a billion dollars upgrading their network and increasing coverage.

  3. What is litigation funding?

    A litigation funder agrees to pay the legal fees and other expenses of running a class action or other court case. The funder takes on the financial risk of the case as they must pay legal costs and expenses even if the class action is unsuccessful. The funder has a hand in the direction of the case and can decide whether or not to proceed.

  4. Who is the Funder?

    LCM Litigation Fund Pty Ltd (“LCM”) is a private company specialising in providing litigation funding. LCM has been in business since 1998 and was one of the first litigation funders in Australia. LCM has funded more than 150 claims.

    Litigation funding has been approved by the High Court of Australia, is supported by policy from the federal government and is well established in Australia.

  5. How many people do you need?

    Often a single claim is not big enough to warrant its own legal action, so lawyers or litigation funders group many small claims together into one action. This makes the claim more efficient and cost-effective as well.

    Piper Alderman can report that approximately 23,000 people registered their interest in the class action. However, we needed more people to join the class action to make it commercially viable.

    Unfortunately we did not obtain the numbers required to make the class action commercially viable for the litigation funder to run, and, as a result the class action cannot go ahead.

  6. What have we done to try and make it viable?

    Piper Alderman and LCM have spent thousands of hours working together for over 4 years, conducting due diligence, evidence collection including identifying potential lead applicants, drafting pleadings and gathering claimants to join the class action. Unfortunately, a combination of complexities in the proposed claims and the insufficient number of claimants made it unviable to run the class actions. Recent Court decisions relating to class actions and the loss suffered by different class members have added to the complexity in this area.

  7. I have to pay anything to Piper Alderman?

    No amounts are payable by claimants to Piper Alderman or LCM.

  8. What can I do next if I still want to pursue Vodafone?

    We cannot contact Vodafone directly on your behalf for any issue.

    You must sort out any outstanding problems directly with Vodafone. In the event that you have attempted to resolve your complaint with Vodafone and are not satisfied with the outcome, then we recommend that you approach Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

Should you wish to speak with someone please call 1300 590 370.